Some spam e-mail subject lines I have received recently:

  • Prices for these watches coincide with your abilities. Good to hear it.
  • A fabulous instrument will give you a fabulous reputation. Is it a theremin? I hope it’s a theremin! Oh…
  • Endless diamonds on your replica watch. Endless I tell you!
  • With a big stick you will be the king of the beach. Speak softly.
  • You need more blood to make your penis bigger? Yes, it seems spammers have now sunk to selling human blood.
  • Buy vi.aaaaaaaa-grrrrr.raaaaaaa and start. your n+ew hap,pier life in y-ear 2009! Full marks for enthusiasm, but loses some for being sent in November of 2009.
  • Our watch will look great even on any loser. :-(

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