Popped into the new flagship Foyles* store on Charing Cross Road today. It’s very impressive, weighing in at a mighty eight floors (although only six are full of books; there’s also the now inevitable cafe, plus a “gallery” which I didn’t get chance to visit). Diamond Geezer has a much better post than I could write about the place, so suffice to say that I came away with a  couple of books that I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into. Could have spent much longer there, but that would probably also mean spending much more money!

I also enjoyed the many neatly arranged drawers of sheet music, and especially the blank manuscript paper section:

2014-06-22 15.10.59

2014-06-22 15.10.18

* Interestingly they don’t have an apostrophe, yet seem to have avoided all the fuss Waterstones had to put up with when they dropped theirs.

2 thoughts on “Foyles”

  1. Loads of drawers of sheet music? I absolutely have to go there! It looks cool!

    A smaller voice of protest inside says, “But you don’t have a piano. It is unlikely that you will acquire a piano for many, many years. What would you DO with sheet music?”


    1. I don’t have a piano either, just wandered into that section and appreciated the neatness of it all!

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