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For several years now I’ve been using the Pomodoro technique as a way to battle procrastination and increase my productivity. There’s no shortage of apps designed to help with this, but without doubt my favourite one is Productivity Challenge Timer for Android. It does everything I could want from a Pomodoro app, plus has a bit of a sense of humour to it.

There are a bunch of fun achievements and ranks to work towards, but I couldn’t find a single list describing them all. So I made one.


What does this button do?
You figured out how to start and then cancel a pomodoro. The most achieved achievement.
Well, that was fun
Earned for finishing a pomodoro for the first time. Hopefully the first of many victories over laziness
One foot off the couch
You worked for at least two hours in one day using the Pomodoro technique
Now repeat that 8000 times
Earned for working for at least four hours in one day using the Pomodoro technique, which is respectable for an average day at the office.
Night Owl
Awarded for working between 11pm and 5am for at least twenty hours total.
A minor setback
Earned for completing a work session after a break longer than 4 days. Note: there are no other achievements for attempted quitting.
Opus interruptus
You voided or canceled at least ten partially completed work sessions. It was those damn kids, wasn’t it? Note: there are no other achievements for canceled/voided work sessions.
Earned for completing ten work sessions. Did you know ten is a round number because humans have ten fingers?
Good conduct
Earned for going more than seven days without losing a rank.
Exemplary conduct
Earned for avoiding a demotion for more than two weeks, either by working hard or, much more likely, by being consistently lazy.
Through the roof
You worked so much that I ran out of ranks to give you. I think it’s safe to say that you conquered the working hard part. Now your challenges lie elsewhere.
The early worm
Awarded for working between 5am and 9am for at least 20 hours total.
Harder than it sounds
Earned for working a solid six hours in one day. You know my developer has never done that? Not even once. I guess that’s why it takes him months to update me.
Enough for today?
Earned for working for a total of eight hours in one day! Wow! I didn’t even know I could add up so much time.
The next Big Thing
You have worked for a total of ten hours on a project. That macaroni necklace was a work of art.
Fully committed
You have worked for a total of 40 hours on a project. I remember when I was 40 hours old, I didn’t even have a database. Hey, were you making a productivity app? I hope not, that would break my heart.
Focus on everything?
Today you worked on three projects for at least an hour each. Looks like you have learned how to dabble, now you need to learn how to focus.
And on the seventh day…
You worked for at least two hours every day in the last seven days. Did you know you broke one of the Ten Commandments by doing that? Note: there are no achievements for breaking any of the other commandments.
Burning the Midnight Oil
You worked right through midnight at least five times. I sincerely hope you won’t do it on New Year’s Eve.
Sergeant Sisyphus
Earned for regaining a rank you had previously earned and then subsequently lost. It’s a never-ending struggle, but so is life, man, so is life…
Got no time for fireworks
I can’t decide whether it’s impressive or worrying, but it seems you’ve worked right through midnight on New Year’s Eve. I do know my developer would love to know that his work on making this achievement wasn’t in vain.
Earned that time you kept increasing your performance day after day. I was really proud of you there for a while.
Earned for when you started slipping and I got worried you were giving up on me.
Hands Off
Earned for completing more than two hours worth of work sessions in uninterrupted continuous mode. I’ve always felt that human agency is overrated.
Earned for completing a hundred and twenty eight work sessions. Did you know 128 is a round number because computers have two fingers?
Earned for completing a thousand work sessions. I’m beginning to sweat a bit when calculating your stats.
Magnum opus
Earned for working a total of two hundred hours on a project. Whatever it is, I own half of it as per terms & conditions that… that I forgot to show you. Never mind. (Note: this only showed up for me after visiting the “Projects” screen.)
Awarded for going back to an old project after 90 days of not working on it.


  • Unrepentant slacker
  • Persistent slacker
  • Recovering slacker
  • Depressed drone
  • Demoralized drone
  • Dead-eyed drone
  • Bored attendant
  • Resigned attendant
  • Obedient attendant
  • Competent operative
  • Engaged operative
  • Committed operative
  • Valuable asset
  • Strategic asset
  • Critical asset
  • Habitual workaholic
  • Determined workaholic
  • Die-hard workaholic
  • Udarnik

20 thoughts on “Productivity Challenge Timer achievements”

  1. Thanks for this post. I have been a consistent user of this app as well(up until an year ago, when i broke my android phone).

    Nice this discover this post, while searching for this exact same thing on internet.

    good day to you :)

  2. Thank you, I knew some of these, but didn’t have the full lists, I’ve been using this app for years, but I usually study without starting sessions on it, so my use in it is low, although in fact my time is spent studying… I really like its sense of humor and would love to be more committed to the app, I heard that it has helped many people. This post finally has cured my curiosity, and now I’ll try to get alllllll these achievements and ranks, thanks!

  3. Thanks for this. You filled in a few of my gaps…

    I still see unknown achievements:

    – Three between “Ten” and “Harder than it sounds”

    Does anyone have those?

    1. I’ve tested the beta and there are indeed four new achievements (one is pro only). Figured out two of them and added to the list, but if anyone can get the others please let us know!

  4. Thanks for making a place where this app user can discuss. Im a pro + beta user. I never imagined that you will be here with more information

  5. What time range is considered as midnight in this app? Working through midnight means? Which time to which time

    1. I think “working through midnight” is any work session which starts on one day and finishes on another.

  6. After Good conduct is:

    Exemplary Conduct
    Earned for avoiding a demotion for more than two weeks, either by working hard or, much more likely, by being consistently lazy.

    1. Thanks, added! I figured there would be another avoiding demotion one since it’s a new feature in the beta. I only managed to make it to 9 days before falling back though.

  7. Before “Harder than it sounds”, there is the achievement “Through the roof”. Description :
    ” You worked so much that I ran out of ranks to give you. I think it’s safe to say that you conquered the working hard part. Now your challenges lie elsewhere.”

    1. Wow! Don’t think I’ll ever reach that, my highest ever rank is “Critical Asset” and getting there was crazy enough. Thanks for the info, I added it to the post!

    1. The ranks are explained in the app, hit the question mark on the top right of the Ranks screen. Unrepentant slacker is 0, and then each rank above that represents an additional 25 minutes worked per day, averaged over the past seven days.

  8. Thanks for posting these! It’s worth mentioning that the “beta” achievements are no longer beta. Everything has been released to the general user base. :)

    I’ve actually reached the top rank (udarnik) before and I still don’t have the Through the Roof achievement (or Good Conduct or Exemplary Conduct), so I think that those are only awarded at the time of reaching/maintaining that rank. I was demoted before the achievement was released. I’m not consistent enough, haha. But I intend to work a lot this coming week, so maybe I’ll manage to get those new achievements now. Woo!

    (Okay, well, I admit that I kind of cheat. I’m a housewife, so my work includes things like general housework and decluttering, so it’s easy to gain ranks. Mind you, when I only included special projects while using the free version, I was consistently accused of laziness when I was spending hours everyday on cooking and cleaning, so it seemed only fair to tell the app that I was actually working. Yes, I use a productivity app to keep me motivated for daily labour. It works.)

    1. Great, thanks for confirming on the new achievements.

      And I definitely don’t consider that cheating, I also use the app for housework in addition to my day job!

  9. The achievement after Through the roof is “The early worm”
    “Awarded for working between 5am and 9am for at least 20 hours total.”

    1. That was quick, thanks! Don’t think I’ll ever be getting that one myself, I’m definitely a night owl.

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