Mah first mashup!

Well I spent some time messing around in Ableton Live when I really should have been working, and now exams are over decided to finish something up and post it. So it’s pretty short, the ending really sucks, and it clearly only works at all through blind luck because all my attempts to produce anything else have failed miserably. But I’m quite proud of it all the same. Enjoy. (And please don’t sue me.)


covers up

I’ve always loved a good cover version, and the internet is a fantastic place to find them. Two sites in particular I watch, or more accurately listen to are Copy, Right?, a blog posting up interesting covers for download, and Coverville, a regular covers podcast.

Today I discovered another covers blog in absonderpop, which has just posted a huge mass of Clash covers. I’ve barely scratched the surface in listening to them, but already found some great gems e.g. The Anacondas version of Guns of Brixton.