Boxed Water

Whilst searching the net (for pictures of turbine blades, can you tell I’m a materials scientist? :), I came across this ridiculous piece of Greenwash. Yes, these people are seriously trying to sell their water as environmentally friendly because it comes in cartons rather than those nasty plastic bottles. Conveniently ignoring the fact that:

  • The cartons come from a plant in Vancouver
  • The water (tap water!) is put in at a plant in Minnesota
  • The boxed water is then sold in Michigan …
  • … where the cartons aren’t even recyclable! (Though plastic bottles are)



I occasionally get surveys to do from Yougov, for which they either give me a small amount of credit (which I can claim as real money once it reaches a certain amount) or an entry into a prize draw. Today’s was a prize draw survey, on the topic of cars. And so mine went:

– Have you read the Sunday Times in the past 4 weeks? (Yes)
– Do you own a car? (No)
Congratulations! You have completed the survey


This is what appears at the top of Wikipedia’s Microsoft Reader article. If you don’t know, the logo is supposed to say “Microsoft Reader with ClearType”. Obviously this is a Wikipedia problem, and could be fixed by changing the image size, but for once I can’t be bothered because it’s too wonderfully ironic like this. Besides, Microsoft Reader is an evil product.

comments amusant

I can’t believe the amount of comment spam this blog is getting. Here are some gems:

  • “Hello Sirs, I’m very sorry for my post” followed by a tonne of links. I like the idea that some guy out there is being forced to post these links against his will and is actually remorseful.
  • “Hello. TFXVRA5 [url=http//] TFXVRA6 [/url] Thanks”. Shame. I wanted a TFXVRA7.
  • cheep checks… Shoots assortment of cheep checks from supercooled nitrogen to superheated liquor….” I have no idea, but it does sound pretty cool.
  • power transformer cooling design… This is the head stretch in my entity that power transformer cooling design board has invoked feelings of sexual draw from unfathomable within my loins….” Oh dear. See also Quantum Fetish Mechanics