So, this is something I’ve been playing with in Illustrator and Flash – a recreation of my watch. Obviously it’s not finished yet, it needs some serious restyling and gradients, and the chronograph function doesn’t work yet. But I fancy a break from it, so here’s what I’ve got so far.

I should also note that the design is probably copyright Swatch so don’t steal it / please forgive me for stealing it.

The depressing world of crisps

Thanks to Wikipedia I’ve learnt that Quavers, Monster Munch, Smith’s and Wotsits are ALL owned by Walkers. Which is owned by American company Frito-Lay, who also own Doritos. And they in turn are owned by the giant PepsiCo. That’s kind of depressing, apart from Golden Wonder and McCoys they seem to own every British potato/corn snack food.

Also PepsiCo own Tropicana (which I knew about), Copella (which I didn’t) and Quaker Oats (which I would have had down as brand least likely to be owned by giant multinational corporation)

Making food

I made two food things tonight. One turned out lovely and the other disgusting.

Luckily the disgusting one only exists in Photoshop :)

And the good one? Amaretto and lemon cookies! A bit broken, and large amounts of them are still stuck to the baking tray, but they taste great. Too good in fact, I’ve eaten a few already :) Recipe available here.

El Presidente

Apparently there’s some sort of election going on. I did think there’s nothing I can write that hasn’t been written already, but apparently I can. I’m strongly favouring Obama, and I don’t think I know (in real life) a single person who would vote for McCain given the chance. But whoever wins, the world will still carry on tomorrow. If McCain wins, the Earth probably won’t implode (although if he snuffs it and Palin comes to power, that might be a different matter). And if Obama wins, life isn’t all fluffy bunnies and rainbows from here on out.