Safety Not Guaranteed

Whilst looking up what else the cast members of the excellent Parks and Recreation have appeared in, I was very surprised to see Aubrey Plaza starred in a film with an awfully familiar sounding title: Safety Not Guaranteed.  Then I recalled where I knew it from: YTMND (remember that site? surprisingly it’s still going in the age of YouTube and Vine!) A single page from way back in 2005, that eventually became one of the site’s defining memes.

And yes, it turns out the film is based on it, or at least the original spoof newspaper advert which appeared in the YTMND.

Given this fond memory, and the fact it had Aubrey Plaza in it, I just had to watch it. And it turns out to be a rather charming little film, with great characters and witty dialogue.  Highly recommended.


Idea: ultra-realistic Minecraft

  • Punching a tree doesn’t turn it into logs. It just hurts, and gives you a bloody hand.
  • Before you build anything, you have to apply for planning permission.
  • Fishing is subject to strict EU quotas.
  • Environmental protesters keep picketing your mine.
  • Gold armour is still expensive and useless.
  • Any time you find diamonds, you’ll be bought out by the De Beers corporation.

Happenings Intensify

The next two weeks are going to be intense. Two long-planned secret work projects are being launched next week, both of which I was heavily involved in and expect to be subject to a lot of attention. Then the week after that the majority of my colleagues plus a tonne of volunteers are showing up on my doorstep for Wikimania 2014 (obligatory plug to say you should come!)

Plus something else with an indeterminate date likely to fall within the next two weeks, but I’m even less able to talk about that…


My miserable attempts at blogging more have once again been overtaken by work madness. However I did manage to find time to update my Goodreads shelves, which may perhaps be of interest to someone somewhere. After falling a way behind on my challenge to read 45 books this year (Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds was fascinating, but sooooo long!) I’ve had a burst of catching up and am now one book ahead of schedule! We’ll see what the remainder of the year brings…

Moments of Wonder

On another procrastinatathon through YouTube, I stumbled across the gloriously named “Philomena Cunk” and her Moments of Wonder from Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe. Somehow I’d completely forgotten about this, even though it was only on in 2013 and I found it great at the time, easily the highlight of the show.  It seems like something my friends would appreciate, and the American contingent probably missed out on it too given the strong UK news/TV focus of the rest of the show. So here’s four of the segments, unfortunately the remaining two don’t seem to be on YouTube.

Interestingly Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris are credited as “program associates” for the show. I thought those names seemed familiar, and it’s because they’re two of the people responsible for The Framley Examiner, my favourite ever newspaper/website/book. I’ve owned the book for, ooh, something like 12 years now, and I can still take it off the shelf and find new things to chuckle about in it. There’s definitely echoes of the Examiner‘s absurd humour in Cunk’s ramblings.

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