OK, so the blog-a-day experiment was a miserable failure. The good news is, it’s because I’ve been keeping busy in real life. Lots of fun, and some secret plans – which I’m sure I’ll be posting about soon. Anyway I went to a talk by Roger Penrose today, and am quite proud of the fact I survived three quarters of an hour before getting totally lost. His new theory is quite cool, if a little confusing, maybe I’ll find time to write about that (or what I understood it to be) It’s scary – I got there 20 minutes early and the lecture theatre was almost full. And this is a BIG lecture theatre, given that it seats all the Part IA Phys NatScis for Maths lectures. Apparently they had to turn away 200-300 people.

Also, Screenwipe is back. Huzzah!

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