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  1. unfortunately u miss the point; i only wanted to roll such information into a single article, where it can be easily accessed, rather than dozens of subpages; please note i didn’t nominate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Zambia for deletion, even though its laws are probably similar to those of benin — i think the benin page is there just for the sake of having a benin page which doesnt make much sense

    as for liberty u., my enthusiasm for their mascot is limited at best; i simply think it passes (because of the notability of college sports), but would prefer that it be on the college’s main page, and i could probably be persuaded to think otherwise if i saw a good arguement

    1. If I missed the point it is only because of your nomination where you described it as “barely notable” and a “vanity topic”. I’m glad to see you’ve changed your argument to something (only slightly) more substantial, but the fact remains that this article is on an important topic and could easily stand alone. The current size of the article is not all that important, stubs are acceptable and there is room to improve it over time. Nor is AfD the place to bring things you think should be merged.

      Regarding Sparky, I don’t actually care what happens to that article. I can even see it might be worth keeping. The point was the ridiculous juxtaposition of your two comments, a perfect illustration of the systemic Western bias which plagues Wikipedia.

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