But don’t let me break you

Mike Gravel is an interesting guy. A former US Senator, he entered the 2008 Presidential campaign, first attempting to secure the Democratic nomination and later switching to the Libertarian party. From what I’ve read and seen he seems really smart with a great platform, but he never stood a chance. Partly because his proposals were too radical, but also because his campaign just didn’t have the funding that’s so vital in American politics. Playing on this he launched it with a charming poster made by his granddaughter (“Vote for Grandpa Mike”). He also made a few popular YouTube videos, one of which was this version of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”

The guy behind the music and video is rx2008, who was also responsible for the brilliant cutups of other politicians singing along to popular songs, including Bush doing Sunday Bloody Sunday. Plus he’s written some great songs of his own: did somebody out sugar in my tea? is one of my favourite tunes ever.

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