A heart-shaped box of springs and wire

I’ve used Flash a fair bit before, but never made the jump from ActionScript 2 to AS3. It’s quite a big change, and since I’m so used to programming in the very forgiving Python, it seems really fussy. But my god it’s fast! Anyway I’ve always wanted to make a Mandelbrot generator, even back when I was programming in BASIC and really didn’t have the skill. So here we go:

mandelbrot.swf (Ignore the pixelation, it’s just being displayed at the wrong size.)

I’m really quite pleased with this as I had to learn quite a few new techniques. Obviously it’s rather static, I still need to add moving/zooming but that shouldn’t be too hard now. The colouring could use some variation too.

Also, using song lyrics for post titles seems to have unintentionally become a theme, so I’m going to run with it. :)

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