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Ok, I’ve backed myself into a corner – today’s song has no lyrics to use as a title. But the above words are closely associated with it these days, because this is the theme music of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar!

Charles Williams and his orchestra – Devil’s Gallop

Originally composed for the BBC Radio serial Dick Barton, this brilliant tune has since been used all over the place including Monty Python, kids TV show ZZZap!, and of course That Mitchell and Webb Look.

And as if it wasn’t awesome enough already, here it is being played by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

Not good enough for you? Well here’s one of the greatest pieces of video game music ever, “Monty on the Run”, composed by the godlike Rob Hubbard. Listen, and you’ll hear that Devil’s Gallop was a huge inspiration. And marvel at the fact that this tune was all done to be played on the ancient Commodore 64.
Rob Hubbard – Monty on the Run Theme

Regularly cited as the best computer game music ever, this has rightfully been covered many times. This version is great, just look at his fingers flying about that keyboard!

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