A Song of Ice and Fire (so far)

(Don’t worry, no spoilers.)

I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of A Song of Ice and Fire. Just finished book 3 and started on 4. Don’t get me wrong, on the whole I’m really really enjoying them. However there are a few things worth commenting on:

  • The narrator is enjoying the “Hodor” bits a little too much. 
  • Tywin Lannister does seem to be doing a really bad Winston Churchill impression.
  • Obviously being an audiobook, I’ve no idea how some of the names are spelled (until I started looking at the wiki). So one unfortunate character will forever in my mind be known as “Sir Anus Fray”.
  • I was warned by a friend to expect a lot of the phrase “nipples on breastplates”. This doesn’t seem to have cropped up yet, but I did notice people do seem to be “taken in the rear” quite a lot (fnar fnar). And everything lasts “half a heartbeat”.
  • “You know nothing, Jon Snow” took a while to show up, but oh lord when it did, it really did. Easy to see why it became a meme.
  • Grrrr… I’ve just started on Book 4 and the narrator seems to have decided to slightly change his pronunciation of a bunch of characters and places. Because it wasn’t hard enough keeping track of them all already.

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