My Favourite Game

I love “My Favourite Game” by The Cardigans.¬†Fantastic song, and I remember the video well.

Where many music videos went¬†over the top in an effort to stand out¬†(don’t get me wrong; there were of course¬†some¬†cracking¬†ones¬†at the time) this one stood out because of¬†its simplicity. Just Nina Persson, looking smoking hot and cool as anything, doing nothing but singing and driving. And it was bloody brilliant. Almost like Nothing Compares 2 U¬†in its simplicity, but this made¬†you want to party rather than slit your wrists.

So I was very surprised when I went looking for it on YouTube today to find this video:

It turns out that the original video was a lavish, car-crash studded epic, which cost £220,000 to make. The one that was played on all the UK music channels, the one that I grew up with, the one that I thought was a masterpiece of minimalism, was actually the result of editing out all the violent and irresponsible bits to please the censors.

And yet¬†having now seen the original,¬†I still much prefer the “censored” version.

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