2014 Reading Challenge

Just like in 2013¬†I challenged myself to read a set number of books in 2014.¬†This time the magic number was 45. And just like in 2013, I hit the target exactly, although it was much less close run than last year (when I frantically raced to finish my last book on New Year’s Eve). This time I actually finished with about a week to spare.

Here’s the list of what I read. Mostly¬†the usual mix of classic sci-fi and fantasy, programming, random non-fiction.

Favourite¬†fiction?¬†To Kill a Mockingbird. Somehow our class managed to not read this in school, so I thought it was time to catch up on¬†a classic that seemingly everyone else had read, and it didn’t disappoint. A real page-turner, but with true heart.

Favourite non-fiction? This was much tougher to choose, but probably Our Pet Queen: A New Perspective on Monarchy. Short, incisive, fascinating and often funny.

The two biggest chunks of reading were A Song of Ice and Fire books 3-5 and Orson Scott Card’s Ender Quartet books 2-4. Both series did start to flag a bit as they went on. Ender more so; it would always have been hard to keep up to the standard of the amazing¬†Speaker for the Dead, but¬†Children of the Mind‘s plot¬†really did descend into¬†the ridiculous. Not sure if I’ll return to Card’s¬†series, I’ve heard the Shadow books are good but after the bad taste Children of the Mind¬†left there’s plenty of other books I want to check out first.

As for ASoIaF, while¬†A Feast for Crows was a bit of a slog, I’ll join the massed ranks of people waiting eagerly for¬†George R R Martin to hurry up and¬†resolve some of these unanswered questions and cliffhangers!

For 2015 I pondered dropping the challenge entirely. It’s been rewarding,¬†but¬†I want to focus a bit less on reading: it’s absolutely still something I want to make¬†time for, but¬†there are plenty¬†of other things I want to do more of¬†as well (writing, coding, photography, maybe picking up guitar again).¬†There’s also some intimidatingly¬†long books on my “to read” list (Pillars of the EarthI’m looking at you here!) which I found myself putting off at least partially because they would make it harder to hit my target. In the end I’ve decided to scale my goal back¬†to 40 books again this year. Whether I make it is anyone’s guess, but at least it gives me something to blog about same time next year!

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  1. Pillars of the Earth is very funny, it was a very fast read IIRC. But I read it so many years ago…

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