OK, so the blog-a-day experiment was a miserable failure. The good news is, it’s because I’ve been keeping busy in real life. Lots of fun, and some secret plans – which I’m sure I’ll be posting about soon. Anyway I went to a talk by Roger Penrose today, and am quite proud of the fact I survived three quarters of an hour before getting totally lost. His new theory is quite cool, if a little confusing, maybe I’ll find time to write about that (or what I understood it to be) It’s scary – I got there 20 minutes early and the lecture theatre was almost full. And this is a BIG lecture theatre, given that it seats all the Part IA Phys NatScis for Maths lectures. Apparently they had to turn away 200-300 people.

Also, Screenwipe is back. Huzzah!


Ok, so there was no post yesterday. I blame being unexpectedly dragged into the lab, resulting in being out from 8.40 till half past midnight. Although the later bit may have been due to watching “classic” 80s music videos in the MCR. Hooray for Sky! I did make it home for about half an hour actually, but getting food somehow took priority.

Anyway, I finally took a look at the Wikimedia Foundation’s first Annual Report. It’s impressively professional, it really shows how far the Foundation has come. And I say this having been to a careers fair today, where I was bombarded with many nicely put together booklets. I think the WMF one is my favourite, and not just because it’s something I’m rather close to. The report is well worth a look if you want to find out more about Wikimedia – the “anatomy of a wikipedia article” in the middle is particularly wonderful.

so yeah…

Heh, that attempt at sustaining my blog started well didn’t it. Now it appears to be broken (see the nasty error on the right where the blogroll should be) – which is partly the reason I held off on a new post, I wanted to try and fix the problem or at least wait and hope it fixed itself. Needless to say both methods failed.

I didn’t have much in the blogroll anyway. If you really care:

No big surprises there then.

The blog was loading really slowly before as well, though that seems to be sorted (fingers crossed). As part of trying to solve that I switched to this theme, which is the simplest one I could find. Anyway I kinda like this plain look, so will probably stick with it for a while at least. I do hope to come up with my own theme at some point so I can tie in with the (as yet theoretical) parent site. Given my current progress expect that sometime around 2012.

Despite the long time since an update, there’s not been much happening. Finished the HoC report ok (deadline 5pm, handed in at 4.50), got rather drunk towards the end of term and have now been home over a week and done squit all revision. Much more interesting reading I, Lucifer… woah! Just went to the wikipedia entry to link it and apparently they are making a film! Starring Daniel Craig and Ewan McGregor. I’m enjoying this book SO much, I had no idea there was a film planned. That’s something to look forward to. In the meantime I thoroughly recommend the book.

Meeting up with Cyril tomorrow, I expect much playing of guitar leading to sore fingers and frustration at the fact I haven’t played in over two months and have declined in ability from poor to incompetent. Again. Also planned is the Big Meal with the strange crowd, a QEGS gathering (in O’Neills of course), hopefully Northern drinks in Sheffield, plus other randomness. Also a week in Devon seeing grandparents. And at some point I have to start on Tripos questions, I’ve only just realised how many I have to do.

And maybe another blog entry? Hopefully, but I wouldn’t hold your breath…