So the stylus for my beloved Nintendo DS seems to have vanished into thin air, which is a little annoying. But even more annoying is buying a new one. Apparently if you want a new stylus, you also have to buy a case, “screen protector” (read: sticky back plastic), game cases and/or headphones (or “earbuds”, as most of the packs seem to call them. Does anyone call them that in real life?)

Eventually I managed to find one sans all the extras. Well, when I say one, I actually mean four. To quote Oscar Wilde:

To lose one DS stylus may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose 4? Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you?

Actually it’s not really four. Two are short styluses (styli?) for the DS Lite, and two are long styluses for the DSi. Of course this is even more illogical. I now have two DSi styluses which are almost useless as they don’t fit in the hole of my DS Lite.

To top it off, they come in absurdly large packaging, and it’s that damned plastic which I needed the help of my trusty swiss army knife to open.