Big Bang Theory

Watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory on the plane, but laughed harder at the episode description than anything else: “Sheldon atttempts to invent 3-player chess”. Because my housemate had been trying to do that just a couple of weeks earlier.

It really is the most inconsistent series. Some episodes are brilliantly funny with clever references. And some are just poor, with terrible “jokes” followed by a gale of canned laughter. Sadly this was one of the latter type.

Pink Floyd Fan’s Guide to Cambridge

Took a quick look at a Pink Floyd Fan’s Guide to Cambridge in a bookshop today, and there were some amusingly tenuous links.

  • Trinity College: Isaac Newton studied here, and also discovered the phenomenon illustrated on the cover of Dark Side of The Moon
  • The Regal: The Beatles played here. Syd Barrett bought a ticket, but never made it to the gig because he had an interview.